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Zipparoll is a multi-functional pillow for your back and your neck.

Zips from round pillow to flat pillow in seconds! The ZippaRoll is not only a roll but zips flat to be a cushion, back support or pillow! It's more than just a 2-in-1!

It's time for our product designers at Yogibo to show that they can be versatile, too. Like the original Mini Roll, the Zipparoll is the perfect size to put between your knees or use as a cushioned head rest. Then you zip it open and it's a comfy flat pillow that you can use for the ultimate back support. Perfect for on the go comfort for the car or office!


Outer Cover: PolyCotton / Spandex Blend 

Liner: Polyester / Spandex Blend 

Fill: EPS Beads 

Dimensions Product 

Dimensions: 13 X 15 X 3 Inches 

Product Weight: 0.75 lbs