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Yogibo Double


The Yogibo Double consists of two Yogibo Max bean bag inners inside one awesome giant cover. You can even get Max covers and separate it to make two pieces of furniture! 

*Please note the Double does not include Yogibo Max covers which are sold separately. 

It's the perfect second bed for one or more. The Yogibo Double gives you more room to move around than on a Yogibo Max. Couch: Up to four people can share the Yogibo Double at one time. Just fold up one side and it makes a great “back”. Easy to maintain with an outer cover that comes off for cleaning. 

The Yogibo Double weighs 40 pounds, so it can be moved to where you need it. So you can move it to a corner, or spare room when it's not needed and then pull it out anytime. 

The durable yet soft outer cover surrounds two separate inners that can be taken out to clean them and even make 2 Yogibo Maxs out of, if the mood hits you. You can order 1 or 2 Yogibo Max covers to make them ready to perch on separately. Already have a Yogi Max? You can order one more and one Yogibo Double Cover and you can switch back and forth from having 2 Yogibo Maxes or having a Yogi Double. 

The Yogibo Double conforms to your body and supports you well, and allows couples and families to play, read, or watch movies together all in supportive comfort. Does any other furniture do that? There is nothing else that gives you the buoyant feeling of Yogi Double in such an adaptable package. Yogibo Double is 6' x 4' x 2' (depending on use) and comes in many colors. The super-durable Cotton / Spandex cover zips off to be easily machine washed. There's no need to wait. Order yours today.


Cotton / Spandex Blend 



Product Dimensions: 72 X 48 X 1 Inches 

Product Weight: 40 lbs