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Gaming Furniture Redefined

As gamers, we were used to sitting in your standard desk chair or couch. Both of which can be extremely uncomfortable or expensive. Even both sometimes. By incorporating Yogibo into gaming, we offer a product that completely conforms to your body. When you’re playing for long periods of time, you run the risk of your back hurting. With our special micro-beads, you get a shockingly comfortable gaming experience to get you through round after round. (Still, taking a break isn't the worst thing in the world every once in a while)

Yogibo x Gaming

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"The Best Bean Bag Chair for Gaming"

There’s lots of beanbag chairs on the market—like, an astonishing amount, I’ve looked. But the Yogibo Max looks good, and can work as an upright chair, a lounger, or even a small couch for two people to play games together. This bag chair is well-respected for its ability to conform to your body shape for super cozy comfort no matter what you’re doing. Plus, the cover is removable and washable, and Yogibo makes a bunch of handy accessories (like six-foot long body pillows) to really up your bean game.

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Versatile & Stylish

All Yogibos are great for gaming. Our products are designed to be combined with each other. The customization and colors are made to fit your personal style and theming. We offer brighter colors to complement specialty gaming rooms, and darker colors as well for a more professional look. A Yogibo Mini by itself, for example, makes a great bean bag for a smaller room. Combine it with a Yogibo Support for a fantastic chair. Now you're playing with power, friend.

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We're Bringing Back Couch Co-Op

Where you're each on your own or together on one Yogibo, we're here to make split screen and multiple controllers a thing again.

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